Technical Support

Doing what we do, for the types of clients that we work with, means we have learned a lot. We’ve learned a lot about what excellent companies do (and what they don’t do), about their processes, the way they manage their people and what makes them excellent. That means there’s a lot of good practice we can share, particularly when it comes to designing your systems to meet the requirements of standards, regulators and contracts.

We work with customers all over the world in a range of sectors including Law Enforcement, Security, Public Administration, Education, Energy, Engineering, Manufacturing, Logistics and Food.

One key area where we regularly get involved helping our clients is when the management system standards change. We are specialists in transition processes and can help you cut through all the myths and bad advice that often complicates what should be a structured but uncomplicated process.

Client Case Study

Metalis Energy

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Certification Support

We’ve helped a lot of clients achieve certification to a range of management system standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, API Q1 Revision 9, ISO 10002, PSC-1, ISO/TS 16949, AS 9100 and ISO 28007.

Companies that are working towards certification need confidence that they have the right Action Plan in place, and they are working towards it in the most efficient way they can. That’s where we come in. Typically this kind of project begins with a Gap Analysis, from which we work with our clients to develop an Action Plan, then we support our client through the preparation process until we feel both feel they are ready for a formal assessment. We then help our client to find the right certification body which, to the uninitiated, can be like jumping into a shark infested pool.

We can help avoid many of the perils and pitfalls associated with picking the wrong certification partner.

Client Case Study

Gloucestershire College

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Outsourced Support

Some of our customers simply want a pair of capable hands they can trust to manage an aspect of their management system, such as their internal audit program. Naturally we’re happy to help.

We like to think our clients know they’ve got someone they can trust to do a good job, on time and without the risk of influence of internal politics, personalities or the pressures of the day job getting in the way. When that happens we take control of the plan, the preparation.

We carry out the audits, record the findings and present them to management using language they can understand. We’re always there when our client needs us – such as when the external auditor or the regulator pays a visit …

Client Case Study

EDF Energy

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